How To Add Outlets To A Room | This Old House

Home > How To | More in Electrical. How to Add Outlets to a Room. Ask This Old House master electrician Scott Caron adds outlets to baseboards as well as floors. He runs electric wiring from the fuse box to get the homeowner the coverage she needs. ... Tools List for Adding Outlets to a Room:


6 Tips On Shopping For Vinyl Windows - This Old House

Properly installed vinyl windows can deliver major energy savings-and a look that's convincingly like wood. Here, five things to hunt for in a quality unit. Properly installed vinyl windows can deliver major energy savings-and a look that's convincingly like wood. Here, five things to hunt for in a quality unit.


Pay Less For Home Remodel Supplies - This Old House

Often all it takes for a DIYer to get 10 to 20 percent off supplies, including lighting and draperies, is a simple request for a trade discount. Typically reserved for contractors and designers with credentials, such as a professional license or a resale tax ID number, it's often extended to valued customers.


Deals & Discounts - This Old House

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The Three-Season Porch | This Old House

Then later, maybe add windows," she recalls. "Guy suggested a way to make the whole thing affordable at once." The pro's advice: Go ahead and build the addition you want but, instead of installing curtain screens and windows, use stock wooden storm doors with interchangeable screen and window inserts as stationary porch panels.


How To Clean Windows Like A Pro - This Old House

Pull the squeegee down each pane in a single stroke from top to bottom. After each stroke, clean the blade with a rag so it doesn't leave streaks. (If the squeegee squeaks a lot, add a bit more soap to the water.) As above, remove any streaks on the glass with a chamois, and dry the muntins and sill with a rag. Step 7 Get rid of stubborn spots


15 Best Kitchen Gadgets Under $50 | This Old House

Some kitchen gadgets remain state-of-the-art for decades-there's no improving on the rice cooker, for instance. Yet others are continually updated with smaller proportions, and so many bells and whistles that they'll do everything but the dishes.


Tool Review: Cordless Combo Kits - This Old House

18-Volt Lithium-ion Combo Kits Giving the gift of a battery-powered tool kit-one that can handle all of a household's hole-drilling, screw-driving, and wood-cutting needs-is a great way to start a budding DIYer off on the right foot.


How To Lay A Budget-Friendly Gravel Path | This Old House

"And you don't have to worry about cutting the stones." Still, to give the path structure and stability, it must have a compact base. In zones with hard clay, that can be the soil itself. But in most areas, especially where the soil is sandy, you'll need to create a base of tamped-down stone pack, which is a mix of 3/4-inch stones and stone dust.


How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen - This Old House

With an outdoor kitchen you can prepare meals and be around your guests with minimal time spent running back inside for plates, beverages, or tongs. Although you could spend tens of thousands of dollars for a custom outdoor kitchen, a basic island is an efficient design that leaves out the complexity of curves and angles.


Here's How To Finance Your Remodel - This Old House

Here's a game plan for choosing the best deal. ... Renovation Video Here's How to Finance Your Remodel ... second-story addition, or other home improvement meant going to the bank, seeing a loan officer, and hoping for the best. Today, however, you have many more options to help finance home improvements. A mortgage broker, for example, can ...


How To Build A Storm Shelter | This Old House

In this video, This Old House plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey shows how to pour a massive concrete storm shelter. Steps: 1. Cut out and remove the concrete slab from the garage floor, and dig down 28 inches. 2. Build a wooden form around the excavated hole to create the walls and ceiling of the concrete storm shelter.


Water Dripping Behind Gutters | This Old House

A: I see this problem a lot, usually because roofers push the lower leg of the metal drip edge tight against the fascia board. It looks neat, but when it rains, surface tension pulls the water around the bottom edge of the leg and onto the fascia, causing drips behind the gutter.


Can I Install Aluminum Fascia On Fascia Without Removing ...

I've got a 1930's 2 story house with wood fascia board. The fascia has been painted in the past but is needing re-painted or covered and I'm opting to cover it with aluminum. I've had 1 estimate done from a reputable contractor so far and it came in around $1700. I mentioned something about removing the gutters and he said that they would probably just slide the fascia up


Gap Between Fascia And Roof Deck | This Old House

While removing some rotting fascia that had been chewed on by the squirrels living in our attic, I noticed that there's about a 2" gap between the fascia and the roof decking all around the house. I'm wondering if this is a problem. If so, how should I proceed? Replace the 1x4 fascia ...


How To Build A Simple Deck | DIY Deck Building | This Old ...

If you've always dreamed of building your own deck, but were hesitant to tackle such a large, complicated construction project, we've got some good news. We asked This Old House general contractor Tom Silva to demonstrate the proper techniques for building a small, simple on-grade deck. All you need to be successful at DIY deck building are ...


All About Wood Fences | This Old House

A. Southern Yellow Pine: A thrifty choice that has to be treated to resist rot and insects and to remove sap. Knotty. Shown: 4-inch-by-4-foot French Gothic picket, about $3.70 per linear foot; The Home Depot B. Douglas Fir: This strong, northwestern softwood is stable and sap-free in clear, vertical-grain cuts. Less rot resistant than red cedar and redwood.


New Construction Vs. Replacement Windows | This Old House

Looking for some insight and clarity into making a decision between new construction versus replacement windows for my house. The original 1960's windows are shot to the point of no return. There is alot of threads and articles on the Pro's and Con's on which way to go. The one aspect that has not been discussed is more on the resale value on the home.


Switch - Wall Light - GFCI Outlet | This Old House

I have a small bathroom where the wall switch on the outside of the bathroom controls the wall light above the vanity, AND the power to the only outlet in the bathroom, a GFCI. I'd like to have the GFCI be hot all the time, but the switch still able to control the wall light, as it does today. Here's my question... can I make this change only in the GFCI box (I plan on


How To Make Board-and-Batten Shutters | This Old House

Cut List for Board-and-Batten Shutters For a pair of shutters to fit a window opening 363/4 inches wide by 481/2 inches high: 1/2x6 vertical boards: eight @ 40 inches. 1/2x6 battens: four @ 18 inches. Download the cut-list for the shutters and cut-out templates.


Best Places To Buy A Craftsman House | This Old House

Price tags on fixer-upper bungalows sometimes read as little as $90,000, though grander homes here can run in the millions. Why Buy Now? Old homes with Western flair are dang hard to come by, and these are close to Austin, the best little hot spot in Texas, with music, food, and culture that gets better by ...


How To Add Stairway Headroom | This Old House

In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to add stairway headroom. Steps: 1 Carefully pry old stair treads from staircase. 2 Use reciprocating saw to cut out the old stair stringers. 3 Cut new notched stringers from 2x12s using a circular saw; finish cuts with handsaw.


Salvaging Cedar Fence Boards | This Old House

One of the projects my wife wants done in the next couple years is to replace a 200' and 70' run of cedar fencing, replacing it with vinyl to match the rest of the property. The fence boards are your typical 1/2" x 6" x 6' pieces, most are in decent condition but are weathered. I hate to cart it all to the recycle dump and was wondering if its worth it to buy a bench planer


White Subway Tile | This Old House

As far back as 1904, the year New York City's first white-walled underground transit stations were christened, "subway tile" was being hawked in catalogs. The easy-to-clean, tightly grouted 3x6s became a hit in American bathrooms and kitchens, and they remain popular today.


Where Can I Aquire Used (recycled) Telephone Poles Close ...

The best place to start checking is with your local power utility, though many of them no longer distribute them due to liability reasons (Joe builds a barn with used utility poles, the barn falls down, Joe sues the utility). Another place to check is landscaping supply companies. I agree with ed in that utility poles ...


How To Install Glass Fireplace Doors | This Old House

We asked Justin Calemmo, of Five Sons Chimney Service in Brookfield, Connecticut, to show how to retrofit new doors on an old fireplace. Our 1848 fireplace has a surround that's undersized, so the glass doors make it safer by blocking the fire from the too close wood floor and mantel.


Save This Old House: Historic Missouri Farmhouse Facing ...

Save This Old House: Historic Missouri Farmhouse Facing the Wrecking Ball! ... If no buyer emerges, the house will be demolished and the lot cleared for sale. Shown: The five-bedroom, two-bath house is on an oversize corner lot, estimated to be worth $65,000. Save This Old House: Historic Missouri Farmhouse Facing the Wrecking Ball!


How To Vent A Bathroom Fan | This Old House

In this video, This Old House general contractor Tom Silva explains how to vent a bathroom fan. Steps: 1. Drive nail through house wall from attic; this will serve as a reference point for positioning the wall cap. 2. From outside, use 41/4-inch hole saw to cut hole for wall cap.


How To Build A DIY Dog Agility Course | This Old House

Agility training is a great way to keep your pet happy, healthy, and smart. Learn how to build a DIY dog agility course with help from This Old House today!


Best Places To Buy A Washing Machine? | This Old House

From your experience, what are the best places to buy a washing machine. I am looking for a basic top loader model. I bought a GE 3.9 cu ft washer at Loews, but I've had to send the washer back twice. The water runs in and runs out the back hose without doing anything else. Thanks.


Connecting New To Old Wiring - Acceptable Junction? Romex ...

I took out a wall this week behind my living room and have 2 boxes containing old two prong electrical outlets exposed. These two boxes have the old cloth wiring running in and out of them and also appear to serve as a junction to outlets or lights upstairs. I would like to swap these to outlets to ...


American Murder Houses II | This Old House

Would you buy a house that was the scene of a grisly murder? Truth is, you might never come to know your home''s dark history, since only about half of the states in the U.S. have formal seller disclosure laws.


13 American Murder Houses | This Old House

Delphine LaLaurie was the well-known wife of a doctor, and a socialite who threw glamorous parties in this massive Creole-style home. But, she''s gone down in history for her violent sadism, and the abuse and murders of hundreds of the estate''s servants.


Two Black And Two White Wires For GFCI | This Old House

I recently purchased an older home and wanted to install GFCI outlets in the kitchen. When I opened up the outlet, there were four wires (two black and two white) in addition to the ground. I watched a few videos ***** about installing GFCI outlets, but they only gave guidance about doing it when there''s one black, one white and the ground.


This Old House''s Gas Powered & Other Leaf Blower Reviews

1. Gas-powered blower-vacs come with everything required to convert the blower into a mulching vacuum. The best ones have a durable, metal impeller that can shred both leaves and twigs. A blower''s power is given in miles per hour (mph) and cubic feet per minute (cfm).


Waterproof Backerboard For Shower | This Old House

as for water proofing the cement board will do but requires deitre mat on the board to waterproof it. denseshield is being used more often now than concrete board.. the difference being concrete board is rot proof but not water proof. denseshild is like drywall but has fibreglass for its skin as opposed to paper so it wont grow mould and its ...


Cement Board -- Liquid Nails? | This Old House

I need to put a 4x4 piece of cement board (Durarock) above my shower (new construction) for tile. I''ll use cement board scews but can I also use heavy duty liquid nails on the studs? If not -- what? Thinset maybe? thanks need definitive answer please.


All About Exterior Paint | This Old House

All About Exterior Paint . All About Exterior Paint. View as slideshow. Photo by Pascal Blancon . ... Painting your house a tropical turquoise among a sea of gray and beige will make it stand out-in a bad way. A muted blue or green would be a better fit but still distinguish it.


How To Collect Water With Rain Barrels | This Old House

The Impressions rain barrel collection reinvents how you harvest rain water. This 50 gallon Reflections design is sturdy and one of the most eye-catching rain barrels on the market. The highly reflective surface is the most unique among current rain barrels and lends itself towards modern design.


All About Engineered Wood Floors | This Old House

All About Engineered Wood Floors. It''s a dead ringer for solid wood, faster to install, and less prone to moisture damage. Our experts help you decide which high-tech, low-fuss boards are best for your application and style. By Sal Vaglica of This Old House magazine // Photo by Keller & Keller .


10 Smart Ideas For Outdoor Kitchens And Dining | This Old ...

10 Smart Ideas for Outdoor Kitchens and Dining. IMAGE 13 OF 13. Photo by. Read Full Caption Turn a Salvaged Sink into an Outdoor Bar. The core of the project is a 1950s cast-iron sink from a salvage yard for $200. It''s supported by a $279 cedar potting bench that we assembled in about an hour from a kit. Stoppered and filled with ice, the basin ...


IRC Code Finder: Kitchen Design | This Old House

IRC Code Finder: Kitchen Design. Stop leafing through pages of code books looking for the right information. Here are direct links to important codes and specs relating to kitchen design. By Mark Powers . Photo by Nathan Kirkman . Photo by Nathan Kirkman .


Electrical Box Depth And Codes | This Old House

Electrical box depth and codes . btthor. I''m in the middle of tiling my backsplash and realize I''ll need take some action to account for the additional depth of the electrical outlets and light switches. Apparently, when my house was built (mid 80s), the electrical boxes were installed flush with the wall studs and not protruding out 1/2" to ...


How To Build A Catio - This Old House

Using 2x2s, butt joints, and 21/4 -inch stainless-steel screws, attach a frame crosspiece between two verticals, making a U shape, as shown. At the open end of the U, attach a 2x2 plywood support on top of the verticals. Repeat this step to make the three remaining sides, and coat any newly exposed ...


How To Build A Halloween Witch''s Cauldron | This Old House

Step Six // How to Build a Halloween Witch''s Cauldron. Hang The Cauldron. Photo by Ian Spanier . Install three eye hooks on the cauldron. Attach a sash chain to the eye hooks on the tripod and on the cauldron. Place small stones under the cauldron to resemble a fire pit. More in Exteriors.


7 Big Holiday Gifts Made By Small American Businesses ...

7 Big Holiday Gifts Made by Small American Businesses. ... Glassblower Simon Pearce began his operation in Ireland and hopped across the pond to Quechee, Vermont, in the 1980s, ... 7 Big Holiday Gifts Made by Small American Businesses ...


How To Use The Domino Joining System | This Old House

Woodworkers have used loose-tenon joinery for hundreds of years to make strong, accurate miters and other connections. But instead of cutting mortises by hand, the Domino System uses a unique rotating and oscillating bit. In this episode of Tool School, Festool''s Brian Sedgely and Norm Abram use the Domino DF 500 to align and cut mortises of different widths for fast and


How To Install A Low-Cost Stair Runner | This Old House

Then she added more carpet tape for the runner. 4 A” One Step at a Time . Step Four // How to Install a Low-Cost Stair Runner. One Step at a Time. Starting from the top, Jaime affixed the runner, securing it with staples in the corners of each tread and along the top and bottom edges. She used a painter's 5-in-1 tool to smooth the runner over ...


Drawer-Slide Mounting Tool | This Old House

You might be one of those anti-gadgets guys who thinks that there are too many silly little products on the market that no one really needs. If that's the case, you probably won't even consider spending about $30 to buy a Kreg drawer slide mounting tool.. You'd probably rather just hold a drawer slide on one hand while you stick your head inside a dark cabinet carcass and hold a cordless drill ...


How To Build A Butcher-Block Island | This Old House

Call it a Kitchen addition on Wheels. If you're hankering for a bit more elbow room to prepare meals, this rolling island lets you make the most of the floor plan you already have.

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