How To: Make Shiplap | The Craftsman Blog

Almost impossible to find replacement shiplap board that matches my house siding 3/4³ thick by 7 1/2³ width. The lumber companies are shrinking the size to 5/8³ thick by 7³ width. Can't replace a bad siding board with these. Looks bad and rain will eventually get through non-over lapping board even if ...


Black Friday Tool Deals | The Craftsman Blog

There are a lot of links on this site to information or products I have personally found helpful. Most products are something I use or have used and heartily recommend. Some of these links may be affiliate links which means that I will receive a small commission at ...


All About Historic Windows - The Craftsman Blog

All About Historic Windows. By Scott Sidler ¢ October 22, 2011. ... Its a little bit of a tricky process I spell out the steps in my book Old Windows In-Depth available in my store. If it was simple I'd be happy to share but it takes lots of pages and lots of pictures, but the long and short is that you have to remove the weatherstripping ...


How To: Fix Ungrounded Outlets | The Craftsman Blog

How To Fix an Ungrounded Outlet. The ideal way to repair an ungrounded 3-prong outlet is to establish a continuous electrical path back to the main panel. If the outlet is installed in a metal box and that metal box has metal conduit wiring (BX cable) all the way back to the panel, then you can ground your outlet with just a little work.


How To: Repair Plaster Walls - The Craftsman Blog

The most common problem with plaster walls is cracking or pulling away from the lath behind it. If this is happening in your house, there is a simple solution that you can do to save your plaster and your money. At my historic restoration company, we started using Big Wally's Plaster Magic for our plaster repairs. Funny name, serious product.


Plaster Magic | The Craftsman Blog

Plaster Magic is the perfect solution for your cracked plaster walls or cracked plaster ceilings. The most vexing problem with plaster is that it can crack or become loose from the wood lath behind. Big Wally's Plaster Magic solves this problem forever. It re-establishes a solid yet flexible bond that lasts.


What Would It Take To Make A Real, Working Lightsaber ...

What would it take to make a real, working lightsaber? A scientist explains what it might take to build a real, working lightsaber. Lucasfilm Ltd. Luke Skywalker holds a lightsaber.


How To Make A Shop-Made Veneer Press

Assembling the layers of the shop made veneer press. If you don't own a veneer press to make veneering easy, build the one shown here. The technique involves the use of two plywood cauls and some wooden crossbearers that have a bow shaped profile along one edge.


Copper Moonshine Whiskey Stills For Sale, Make Your Own ...

Copper Moonshine Whiskey Stills for sale, make your own liquor at home - $1 (Kenosha / Racine) < image 1 of 24 > condition: new. more ads by this user . QR Code Link to This Post. AS SEEN ON DISCOVERY CHANNEL HIT TV SERIES MOONSHINERS season 7 Copy and paste the link below to ...


Copper Moonshine Whiskey Stills For Sale, Make Your Own ...

Traditional Copper Moonshine Stills in the following sizes: 5 gallon $199 10 gallon $299 20 gallon $399 40 gallon $549 80 gallon $1299 120 gallon $3150 250 gallon $6995 Make your still ELECTRIC for as low as $79, here are the benefits: Least expensive and easiest way to heat your still. We custom install our electric upgrade into the still ...


Blog - Vapor-blends

Any disclosure of personal information will be strictly controlled and made fully in accordance with current U.S. law. REFUND POLICY - Refunds or product exchanges will be given for any defective merchandise within 72 hours of purchase. 2020 Vapor-Blends


Portland Sea Dogs Make Losing A Winning Proposition For 25 ...

PORTLAND, Maine - Today's home opener marks the start of the Sea Dogs' 25th baseball season on the diamond at Hadlock Field. In that quarter-century, the Sea Dogs ...


Kapil Bodkhe's Blog: Sodexo: An Evil In Disguise?

Sodexo: An evil in disguise? Recently, there has been a huge hullabaloo about Sodexo coupons. ... Small denominations of Sodexo coupons implied increased processing times at the billing counters resulting into increased waiting time in queues for the customers. Apart from the administrative headache, there's also a possibility of fake/damaged ...


Maker Faire Eindhoven 2018 Is Crazier Than Ever | Make:

Maker Faire Eindhoven (EMF) is back for its 5th edition on September 28, 29 & 30. In its second year as a full scale Featured Faire, this year's event showcases the work of 250 makers (and counting!) and takes the event out into the streets in front of the Klokgebouw, an old factory transformed into an event space, and with a CRAZY PARADE of mutant vehicles.


Thank You Messages For Supporting Me - Samplemessages Blog

Thank You Messages for Supporting Me - Writing thank you messages is bit difficult. In order to let your friends or family know that you appreciate them for their help and support towards you, we have created a unique collection of such thank you messages. Just have a look at them.


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