HRT | Mumsnet

Another HRT thread - sorry. But 7 years after asking, and after my periods ending, and after 7 years of hot hot flushes, sleepless nights, aching muscles I finally got HRT patches two days ago. I raced home, put one on and life has already changed for the better. No hot flushes. No aching muscles [I can walk to bed now, not hobble].


Alton Towers During Pregnancy (1st Trimester) | Mumsnet

Hi LadiesIt is my SS's birthday this week so DH and I are taking both SSs to Alton's Towers on Saturday.I am 10 weeks pregnant (they don't know that) Menu. ... Discount Codes; ... Save money on clothes, holidays, days out, pregnancy and baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and more with exclusive deals!


Would It Be Ridculous To Go To Alton Towers At 6 Weeks ...

would it be ridculous to go to alton towers at 6 weeks pregnant and go on rides, in terms of the baby only being a embro? (95 Posts) Add message | Report. ... Registering is free, quick, and means you can join in the discussion, watch threads, get discounts, win prizes and lots more.


Centre Parcs Vouchers | Mumsnet

Not sure where to post this. We are going to centre parcs next week, we've managed to get a really cheap deal. I wanted to know if anyone has or knows where I can find any special offers or discount vouchers for the activities there.


Kenwood KMix: Can I Use It To Make Ice Cream? | Mumsnet

I've got a Kenwood chef and an ice cream attachment for it - there is a plastic bowl, an insert that goes in the freezer first, and then a plastic blade that is quite different to any of the normal attachments: it has two long arms and sort of sits on the bottom on the bowl and rotates.


Punjammies! Help Me Find These In The UK | Mumsnet

Mabel I am gutted as no doubt you are! The blue ones on the site are my dream come true. Really love them. What to do?! That's tons for contacting them - dont suppose anyone has any American contacts who will willingly bring them back for me and Mabel?!


Pros And Cons Of Woodford Green Prep And Eastcourt ...

Pros and cons of Woodford Green Prep and Eastcourt Independent School (20 Posts) Add message | Report. ... glad that WGP offers wrap around childcare. Eastcourt only offers after school care which is on a different site. I think the main issue is that one is walking distance from my house while the other would involve a bit of negotiation on ...


Best Kitchen Knives? | Mumsnet

I like a heavy cook's knife - mine is a Henckels - I use it ALL the time and just bought my dad one for his birthday. I don't like Global knives as to me they are too light - as are Sabatier but it is down to what you want. You also get knife blocks now that take any kind of knife so you can mix and match as you want.


Jean Patrique Knives? Anyone Got These? Or Can You ...

Jean Patrique knives in my opinion are utter junk, or at least the set I had given to me were. My Global knives are good as are Sollingen steel ones made by Gude. I also own a very nice razor sharp ceramic set made by Kyocera. Yes I have to be careful not to drop the ...


Poole Or Weymouth? | Mumsnet

Poole or Weymouth? Planning a staycation, or a grand day out? Get the lowdown from locals on Mumsnet Local Talk ... Falmer Palmers Weymouth sealife centre & tower Possibly Northe Fort. Add message | Report. ... Take this survey on employment and the workplace and be in with a chance to win a £100 voucher!


Hairdressers In Glasgow | Mumsnet

Hairdressers in glasgow (9 Posts) Add message | Report. Srictlybakeoff Sun 05-Jan-20 22:35:23. So after going to the rainbow room for many years I now feel that I need a change . Any good salons that people could recommend ( not rainbowroom) . ... Registering is free, quick, and means you can join in the discussion, watch threads, get discounts ...


Cheaper Clarins Alternative | Mumsnet

I usually use Clarins serum & Anti-ageing Day Cream, but as I was going to be away for a while, packed all the random creams, hoping I'd use them up. My friend had given me the Lidl stuff as she didn't like it (her skin has very expensive taste) so I thought I'd try it. It's been sensational. Acne is ...


Get 10% Off Driving Lessons For 10-17 Year Olds At Young ...

Young Driver is offering an exclusive 10% off 30- or 60-minute driving lessons for 10-17 year olds with the discount code MUMSRULE10. Lessons run at 70+ venues across the UK on private land with fully qualified driving instructors. Getting teens driving can be safe, fun and a great gift idea with Young Driver.


Ruby, Skye Or Maggie? We Can't Decide! | Mumsnet

Discount Codes; Competitions; Exclusive offers; Save big! Save money on clothes, holidays, days out, pregnancy and baby gear, homeware, garden furniture and more with exclusive deals! ... Ruby feels very trendy. Skye is sweet but it lacks substance for me. It's quite sweet on a child but lacks something for an adult. Also it feels a bit like a ...


Fatface Discount Code September 2018 | Mumsnet

- Receive a £20 voucher for 1.5 hours online discussion Take this survey on employment and the workplace and be in with a chance to win a £100 voucher! Share your stories of your most fun family holiday with TUI for a chance to win a £300 voucher


To Ask Where People Buy Baby Things Now That Mothercare Is ...

I'm expecting a baby in may so need to start shopping soonish but wondering where people actually buy their baby stuff from? With my first I had two mothercares within 1 mile of me so everything came from there (feeding, pushchair, play mat etc) but now I've only got a mamas and papas and TBH it's a bit expensive to get everything in there.


What To Expect From An Antenatal Health Visitor Visit ...

I'm not a health visitor but a midwife but I've attended a few antenatal visits with health visitors whilst I was training. I think a lot of the reason they were introduced is because women's homes weren't being seen before the baby was born and health professionals were going in and finding out there were safeguarding issues, the house was a mess, they needed at help at home etc. which could ...


So I Had An Antenatal Visit From A Health Visitor Today ...

Get updates on how your baby develops, your body changes, and what you can expect during each week of your pregnancy by signing up to the Mumsnet Pregnancy Newsletters. So I had an antenatal visit from a Health Visitor today.


Will My Baby Forget Me? | Mumsnet

She won't forget you. Have you considered co-sleeping so you feel like you are closer to her. Anecdotally it is more common in America as it allows mums to bf at night and still sleep when working. Also maybe consider a childminder rather than a nursery for a baby so ...


Speech Therapy | Mumsnet

I have never been down the private route. We have been very fortunate in that DD got fairly good provision from the NHS (i.e. not much but regular) but wanted to point you towards the Cerebra website. They offer grants towards private speech therapy if you haven't had any in the last six months. Worth looking to see if you qualify. Good luck.


First Holiday Ideas As A Single Parent | Mumsnet

I've been doing single parent holidays since my two were the same age as yours and usually go to Haven caravan parks or sometimes park resorts. Near Bamburgh there's park resorts Eyemouth or Haven Hagerston castle.


'Temp Single Parent' At Butlins | Mumsnet

Hi All, this is my first post, my wife is off for a long weekend with friends so I'm single parenting until Monday So I am off to Butlins Minehead tomorrow and am wondering if anyone has tips on how to keep my 3 year old daughter entertained from 6AM until 7PM until Monday.


Want To Test Cushelle Facial Tissues? 3 X £100 Voucher To ...

Cushelle is looking for 120 MNers to test their Facial tissues. Selected testers must have at least one child aged 0 to 13. Here's what Cushelle has to say: "In 2019 Cushelle entered the facial tissue category with a brand-new range of products. Not only are the Cushelle Facial tissues irresistibly soft, they offer a unique point of being washing machine resistant.


Oasis Academies | Mumsnet

Do your children go to Oasis academies? Or do you teach in one? If so what are your feelings about the places. Thank you (I am an interested parent/onlooker of a local school that is in the process of being set up and will possibly be backed by Oasis).


The Outnet Discount Codes | Mumsnet

Anyone have any outnet discount codes?Even if its only free P&P.Am looking at MIH jeans but would like to save some additional doshTIA


Italy- Campsites With Mobile Home/cabins And No Need For A ...

We booked with alfresco again. One reason is that we use Tesco vouchers towards the cost of our holiday. The other is that when we were there a few years ago the site owned mobiles didn't have terraces but alfresco and eurocamp do. The alfresco mobiles were also more modern than the eurocamp ones as well having a bigger living area.


To Hate Playdough?? | Mumsnet

I spied a play dough kit in Aldi and thought they would enjoy it. Oh, they DO. It was a successful purchase from their point of view but I am going crazy. The colours are all mixed into a muddy brown! There are tiny balls of it underfoot! They don't put it away properly without my constant nagging!


Faber Academy - Worth It? | Mumsnet

Massively disappointed with Faber atm because they cancelled my 3 day YA fiction writing course yesterday - one weeks notice! I'd booked saver hotel rooms and advance fare train tickets - all non refundable, so am £200 out of pocket. They were very nice about it, ...


Utility Warehouse | Mumsnet

The reason why utility warehouse is competitive is due to the fact they don't spend ££££ on marketing and it is MLM in the way it's commission works but you don't have to buy anything to sign up to be a partner (or whatever it's called).


Facing Redundancy But Comparable Job Advertised Internally ...

facing redundancy but comparable job advertised internally. Pregnancy: The Mumsnet Guide - the essential, comprehensive and compassionate birthing bible for every parent-to-be. ... facing redundancy but comparable job advertised internally (27 Posts) ... just thought of it meaning an internal promotion of 'up-and-coming' staff, hence ...


Best Wellingtons For Women With Large Calves. | Mumsnet

Best wellingtons for women with large calves. (59 Posts) Add message | Report. ... I have the hunter neoprene ones and can get my policewomens calves jeans and wellie socks in no problem. ... and means you can join in the discussion, watch threads, get discounts, win prizes and lots more. Get started ...


Range Cookers - Are They Worth It? | Mumsnet

i have a smeg range and i love it, the oven is massive and i can get four trays in at one time. makes life so much easier, there are six of us so we need a big oven. we didnt pay £2k+ for it, we paid £100 for the oven, splash back and smeg hood from the adtrader, it was secondhand but was excellent condition, the lady had just bought an aga for £10k we didnt have much money as we were ...


Where Should We Move To In North London | Mumsnet

Where should we move to in North London. Planning to relocate? Find out all you need to know about your new area on Mumsnet Local Talk ... We have a Carluccios and a Melange now with lots of new restaurants coming and right next to open countryside. And you always get a seat on the tube! Add message ... Share with us - £150 voucher to be won .


Anyone Done The Body Coach? | Mumsnet

I would describe it as low carb, as you only have carbs (bagel/rice/quinoa) after you workout, so 5 meals out of 21 a week. Next to know sugar, I'm a sugar addict and coping well, I also take chromium picolinate, body coach doesn't tell you to take it, but I take one a day ...


No Mothercare Where To Try Before You Buy Prams!? | Mumsnet

With no mothercare all I seem to find is expensive John Lewis choices where you can actually see them in the shop! Online retailers seem to mainly have iffy returns policy's which I'm not so keen on. I just want to have a little try before I buy lol!


I Can't Work Out This Simple Maths Calculation | Mumsnet

Can someone please help me work out if I'm better off keeping my current childcare vouchers or switching to tax free childcare government scheme? I'm so stressed with work, had a few personal issues over the last few weeks that have knocked me off my kilter and now I'm doubting my ability to do simple maths and make the better choice.


How Can I Work Out How Much Childcare Vouchers Will Save ...

Payroll have just told me, sorry we can't work it out for you, it's too complicated for us ! I know that the costs of childcare are deducted pre tax and NI. Childcare costs would be £195/month. How can I work out what difference this will make to my net salary? Is there an online calculator anywhere that will let me work it out?


Anyone Used To Get A Spoonful Of Malt Extract As A Kid ...

I did too. I thought the malt was to disguise the cod liver oil taste, but it seems that it too is healthy from a quick google "malt extract has a significantly lower glycemic index than table sugar. * Supports Digestive Health: Malt extract can be good for your gut. ...


Childcare Vouchers | Mumsnet

The lead time for voucher payments is a nuisance, but in a business context it's not a big deal. Apart from anything else, you get exactly what you signed up to. Tax fre childcare can be a pain as, unlike having a CV account, you can't log in and see if a pay is pending.


Double Buggy And Buggy Board - Help! | Mumsnet

Hi. our nanny needs to transport two 1 yr olds and a 3 yr old. Can anyone advise the best double buggy and buggy board combination?? I am slowly going crazy as everything i have researched so far either doesnt have enough head room for the toddler (out n about - we have one of these already and it's a shame we cant use it) , or is hard to push for the nanny with 3 of them on board (e.g ...


Which Buggy Board For Mountain Buggy? | Mumsnet

Hoping someone can help. I know MB used to recommend a Kiddy Board but I can't find one anywhere, I gave ours away after my first child didn't need it anymore, but now I need one for my second to stand on! It's an Urban model, bought about 2007 iirc, and I liked that I didn't kick the board ...


Penalised On Mortgage For Childcare Costs | Mumsnet

The lender we went with (RBS) take the childcare costs as part of our outgoings which enabled us to be qualify for the mortgage we wanted as our earnings were not affected. We went for a five year fix (by which time DS will have started school) so we were not being reckless on affordability.


What Would You Have On A Stall At The School Disco, To ...

Our head bought these glow sticks for the last one. (No PTA here) He sold them for £1 each and could have sold more. We are a high FSM area and TBH I don't approve of kids being taught by their school that it's OK to waste money like that.


Wishing Well - Money Or Vouchers?! | Mumsnet

Brides and/or brides-to-be, please can you help. I'm off to a wedding with a wishing well for gifts. What would you be hoping for - money (as in a stack of twenties or similar) or a gift voucher for John Lewis or Mr and Mrs Smith or somewhere in that vein? this is the first one I've had where the well isn't "for" something, eg honeymoon, so I feel a bit unsure what would be best.


Uggs, Celtic Sheepskin Or Just Sheepskin??? | Mumsnet

I have had to have 2 replacements for a pair of slippers as they keep coming apart at the seams. The last person I dealt with in customer service was also very surly. The last replacement that they sent me are also now coming apart at the seams. A £15 pair of fake sheepskin slippers from M&S lasted longer than these very expensive slippers


Tell Me About The Best Slippers. | Mumsnet

I'm a slipper supremo. I pay the kids a pounds to go up two flights of stairs if I left them in my bedroom when we get in. Those boden ones will be synthetic and make your feet sweaty. Sheepskin is the ONLY slipper. Try this website I have the bootees which turn up to low ankle. Lots of colours and always a voucher to be had for their site.


East Wittering - Things To Do With Kids | Mumsnet

Took my 3 camping in East Wittering last week - they are 6, 5 and 1. We ended up going to the Earnley Butterfly park and gardens one day which was OK but quite pricey. They were happy just flying kites and playing on the site especially if we had brought bikes (which we didn't!).



Ok I use that Bold gel stuff cos it smells lovely. Have used Tesco daisy tabs, Bold and Ariel non bio. My washing doesn't come out clean! i have just done a white wash, well light, and there's yellow marks on a white blouse, brown marks from just dirt on white towels. Anyone got a 100 per cent washing powder, bio or not that works please?


Adult Human Female T-shirts | Mumsnet

Skinny minnie here. I'm a size ten usually. Am I ordering a small, do we think? Add message | Report. ... Take this survey on employment and the workplace and be in with a chance to win a £100 voucher! Share your stories of your most fun family holiday with TUI for a chance to win a £300 voucher.


Baby Has Short Arms | Mumsnet

But there's nothing wrong with her. It's just how she is. I expect if I had another baby who was a classic fat-bellied baby, I'd be shocked and would be thinking it was obese. If I pick up an average toddler I always find it a shock how heavy and chunky they are - it's not because they're a funny shape, but I have got used to DD being a skinny ...

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