CCM Pro Stock Sticks - Ice Warehouse

The CCM RibCor Trigger2 PMT Pro Stock Sticks are an affordable way to feel what it's like to use a professional player's stick. Every stick is made right in CCM's pro stick factory and feature only the highest-quality materials. Some even feature specs that have never been seen before on a retail model.


Bauer Prodigy 3.0 Goalie Leg Pads - Youth - Ice Warehouse

The Bauer Prodigy 3.0 Goalie Leg Pads were designed for youth players at the recreational skill level.They feature a quick and easy 4-strap Velcro attachment system that makes putting them on and taking them off a breeze. They are also adjustable so that they can be ...


Wood Hockey Sticks - Ice Warehouse

Wood Hockey Sticks are the classic, traditional way to play but are now available with a few different blade constructions.Standard Wood Sticks come with a traditional wood blade that offer the best puck feel and can be used on most surfaces.Nylon Wood Sticks feature a plastic blade and are best used for street or ball hockey on the driveway.ABS Wood Sticks feature ABS-reinforced blades that ...


Ice Warehouse Promotions

PROMOTIONS . Set and quantity discounts not eligible on those items subject to manufacturer pricing restrictions. ... Other Sports Warehouse Websites Tennis Warehouse // Tennis Warehouse Europe // Running Warehouse // Running Warehouse Europe Skate Warehouse // Tackle Warehouse // Racquetball Warehouse // Riding Warehouse // Total Pickleball.


Bauer Vapor X2.6 Ice Hockey Skates - Ice Warehouse

The Elite ProLace Waxed Hockey Skate Laces are slightly waxed to offer great durability with minimal weight. This 3/8" wide lace has molded waxed tips to prevent fraying and make lacing-up a breeze. Available in many colors to match your skate or favorite team!


Custom Warrior Bags - Ice Warehouse

The Captodor Pro Laundry Bag is an easy and effective way to keep dirty under garments together after a game or practice.This pro-level laundry bag features larger dimensions, industrial-grade velcro, tough nylon and a name plate for quick identification. Simply toss sweaty base layer pieces, jocks, socks or jerseys into it after they've been used, then fasten the velcro closure at a€


CCM SX6000 Mesh Ice Socks - Ice Warehouse

Hockey Socks. CCM SX6000 Mesh Ice Socks are constructed with high-performance QLT knit polyester, which is thinner and more abrasion-resistant than traditional knit. SX6000 Socks come in a wide range of solid colors to match great with the CCM 6000 Practice Jersey.


Ice Hockey Socks - Ice Warehouse

IW Hockey offers knit and mesh polyester ice hockey socks in solid and NHL colors. Knit socks are the traditional style with a knit polyester, sweater-like weave and are the most affordable option. Mesh socks consist of a polyester mesh, jersey-like material that offers performance features like moisture management and breathability.


Miscellaneous Accessories - Ice Warehouse

Hockey players are some of the toughest athletes in the sports world, and therefore need the toughest products to battle odor. IW Hockey only carries the best Sports Gear Deodorizers & Equipment Care products when it comes to eliminating odor and keeping your gear in the best condition.


Ice Hockey Pants And Girdles - Ice Warehouse

Elite Ice Pants are built for those who play elite-level hockey 3+ times a week or for those who want the most protection, mobility, and comfort. These pants are designed with the lightest, most protective foams, composites, and plastics to manage high-level impacts without sacrificing mobility.


Bauer Ice Hockey Pants Senior & Junior - Ice Warehouse

Elite Ice Pants are built for those who play elite-level hockey 3+ times a week or for those who want the most protection, mobility, and comfort. These pants are designed with the lightest, most protective foams, composites, and plastics to manage high-level impacts without sacrificing mobility.


Bauer Hockey Apparel - Ice Warehouse

Bauer Hockey offers a variety of different Team Warm Ups that can be easily embroidered with your team logo. The Warm Ups come in a Lightweight, Midweight and Heavyweight Parka option which get warmer as you increase the weight. Bauer also carries Core and Premium team hoodies and sweatpants to get a streamlined, track-suit look. Senior warm up jackets and pants fit players who have 35" to 49 ...


Composite Hockey Sticks - Ice Warehouse

Ice Warehouse has the lowest prices on the highest quality composite hockey sticks from name brands like Bauer and CCM, in many size, flex or curves options.


Inglasco NHL Team Basic Logo Ice Hockey Pucks - Ice Warehouse

The Inglasco Souvenir Ice Hockey Puck Holder Cube Display is a clear cube made to show off your favorite NHL team's puck* or other collectible pucks*.Made from polystyrene, this is a high impact display that will protect, store, and display your collectibles. The 2-piece snap design ensures your puck will stay in the display but allow it to be removed easily.


Inglasco Foam Hockey Puck - Ice Warehouse

Regulation size, soft foam puck. Perfect for playing indoors. The softer density of this foam puck is much kinder to objects that it may hit versus the firmer, heavier Sponge ice hockey puck. Also referred to as the Stress "chuck a puck". Manufactured by Inglasco, the official puck supplier to the NHLaC.


Roller Hockey Skates - Ice Warehouse

Roller Hockey Skates. Inline Warehouse offers roller hockey skates for all ages and styles of players. Inline skate are generally recommended to be about a size and half (1.5) smaller than a US shoe size. Youth skate sizes range from Y8.0 - Y13.5, Junior skate sizes range from 1.0 - 5.5 and Senior skate sizes range from 6.0 and up.


Clearance Hockey Gear - Ice Warehouse

Clearance Roller Hockey Skates. Clearance. Bauer Vapor 1XR Roller Hockey Skates - Senior . $799.99. 360 View Video. Clearance. Bauer Vapor XR800 Roller Hockey Skates - Senior. $519.99. 360 View Video. Clearance. Bauer Vapor XR600 Roller Hockey Skates . $239.99 - $279.99. 360 View Video. Clearance. Bauer Vapor XR500 Roller Hockey Skates - Senior .


Clearance Hockey Sticks - Ice Warehouse

Elite Sticks are geared towards those who play elite-level hockey or for those who want the lightest and most responsive sticks on the market. These utilize full one-piece composite constructions and exclusive technologies that reduce weight, increase power and offer premium feel for the puck.


Hockey Goalie Bags - Ice Warehouse

IW Hockey has all of your Goalie Gear Bag needs. The Warehouse carries a variety of goalie bags like classic carry bags, wheel bags, goalie helmet bags and goalie stick bags in your favorite brands such as CCM, Bauer, Grit, Warrior, Sherwood, and Vaughn.


Ice Warehouse

IWs hockey team sales provides hockey team discounts, custom hockey jerseys, hockey warm ups, team apparel, and team hockey gear. Outfit your team with hockey jerseys, hockey warm-ups, hockey apparel, team hockey bags, team hockey gloves, and team hockey socks. Contact our a€


Referee Gear - Ice Warehouse

Every hockey game needs a referee, so IW Hockey has all the Referee Gear needed to keep the sport moving. We offer hockey referee jerseys and pants, referee protective gear, hockey referee gear bags and accessories like whistles or laces.


Inglasco Official Ice Hockey Puck 6 Oz-Case Pk 100ea - Ice ...

The Bauer S14 Puck Bag is a great choice for any team that needs a simple puck bag that can get the job done.The durable polyester construction will stand the test of time, and the webbed grab handles make carrying easy. Carries 50 to 75 pucks.


Pucks & Balls - Ice Warehouse

IW Hockey offers a wide varity of hockey puck colors and weights to suit your level of play or training needs. IW Hockey offers the best price on the NHL Official 6 oz ice hockey puck. Plus check out our quantity discount offers on hockey pucks too.

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