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Specific to older adult health, the promotion of proven, cost effective programs is vital to our collective success. Through our Center for Healthy Aging (CHA), we collaborate with federal, state, and community partners to further the impact and sustainability of evidence-based health promotion programs.


Geri-Fit - A Tier Level III Evidence-based Bodybuilding ...

Geri-Fit is a highest tier level evidence-based health promotion program and chronic disease self-management support program available through Title III-D OAA federal funding. The program is suitable for older adults age 60 and over or anyone that wants to learn how to work out with weights. The 45-minute bodybuilding program is held at senior centers across 32 states.


Addressing Fidelity In Evidence-Based Health Promotion ...

Addressing Fidelity in Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs for Older Adults Show all authors. Janet C. Frank. ... Keywords evidence-based health promotion, translational research, research methods, older adults. ... Implementation and effectiveness of a community-based health promotion program for older adults.



benefits of evidence-based health promotion/disease prevention programs for older adults and community agencies K A Cameron National Council on Aging, Center for Healthy Aging, Arlington, Virginia, United States


ACL Health Promotion Evidence-Based Program Review - UNC ...

These funds can only be used for evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion programs which are designed to help older adults prevent and/or manage chronic diseases, adopt healthier lifestyles, improve their health status, and reduce their use ...


Older Adults Living With Serious Mental Illness: The State ...

This brief provides an overview of workforce issues to consider when addressing the needs of older adults living with serious mental illness (SMI). Information includes demographics; challenges faced by a provider workforce, and ideas for strengthening the geriatric workforce to address SMI. ... Evidence-Based Practices, Health Promotion ...


2011 Directory Of Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs ...

4 Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs Here you can find out about four evidence-based programs that have been proven successful in helping people make healthier choices for older adults and family caregivers. Powerful Tools for Family Caregiversis a 6 week program to help family and friends caring for an older adult


Disease Prevention & Health Promotion

The Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Program (Title IIID) supports programs that are based on scientific evidence and demonstrated through rigorous evaluation to ...


Geri-Fit Is A Tier III (highest Level) Evidence-based ...

Geri-Fit is a tier III (highest level) evidence-based, research-based, health promotion program and chronic disease self-management support program that concentrates on building strength and balance through progressive resistance strength training. This group exercise class is most beneficial to older adults that are over the age of 75, however ...


Evidence-Based Health Promotion For Older Adults

According to the Centers for Disea se Control and Prevention (CDC), approximately 33% of older adults age 65+ fall each year. For adults over the age of 70, the incidence of falls jumps to nearly 70%. Factors contributing to falls in older adults include age, history of past falls, chronic illness,


TA 18-03 Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs And ...

¢ Evidence-informed health promotion activities for older adults identify health conditions or risk factors in a target population and provide wellness information or activities designed to improve health. Evidence-Based Health Promotion Programs Boost Your Brain and Memory


CHS 283: Evidence-based Health Promotion For Older Adults

CHS 283 Spring 2014: Evidence-based Health Promotion for Older Adults Syllabus 5/09/14 update, page 3 2. Interview assignment - 15 points maximum (15% of course grade) due April 14, 2014: Each student is expected to spend at least 30 minutes interviewing an older person (can be someone you know or a

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