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The allowed amount is the most a health plan will pay for a health service. A health service could be a test, procedure, doctor visit, or other types of treatments or services. Your plan''s in ...


Definitions For Billed, Allowed And Paid Amounts And Other ...

The following paper presents OFM''s findings for the definitions for billed, allowed and paid amounts and other health care claim payment terms. The paper also lists the questions and issues for consideration in developing payment definitions for the WA-APCD.


Define Customer Billing Configuration (Chapter 3) R19C

For example, the payment terms named 2% 10, Net 30 indicates that a customer is allowed a two percent discount if payment is received within 10 days. After 10 days, the entire balance is due within 30 days of the transaction date with no applicable discount.


Conditionally | Definition Of Conditionally At

Conditionally definition, imposing, containing, subject to, or depending on a condition or conditions; not absolute; made or allowed on certain terms: conditional acceptance. See more.


Allowed Synonyms, Allowed Antonyms |

Synonyms for allowed at with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for allowed.


Define Tolerance Groups For Employees In SAP

In this SAP Fico tutorials you will learn how to define tolerance groups for employees in SAP. In our previous SAP training tutorial we have learned how to define tolerance groups for G/L accounts in SAP.. Define Tolerance Groups for Employees. Tolerance groups for employees in SAP determines the upper limits for postings as per. Amount per document


Define Payment Variances When Processing Bank Statements ...

Define Payment Variances when Processing Bank Statements. This document explains how you define allowed payment variances. The variances control how cash discounts and overpayment are processed when invoices are automatically allocated to bank statement lines.


Define Customer Tolerance Groups In SAP - SAP Tutorials

Cash discount terms displayed: Choose the appropriate indicator to change the cash discount can be changed when the line item is clearing. Leave the blank for default cash discount per line item. Permitted payment difference. Amount: Enter maximum amount allowed for permitted payment difference (Here we have entered 100)


Discount Privileges (Oracle Order Entry / Shipping ...

Define customer-specific automatic discounts to reflect the negotiated discounts. Define at least one overridable discount that can be used to adjust the selling price to reflect the negotiated order discount. Set the profile option OE: Discounting Privilege to Full for all Administrators that are allowed to apply discounts to an order.


Discount House Defined - Investopedia

Discount House: Primarily operating in the United Kingdom, a firm that buys, sells, discounts and/or negotiates bills of exchange or promissory notes . This is generally performed on a large scale ...



DISCOUNT ALLOWED, normally, is a reduction of the invoice amount for early payment of the invoice value. Learn new Accounting Terms. HELLER is a currency of Austria.


Allowed - Definition Of Allowed By The Free Dictionary

Define allowed. allowed synonyms, allowed pronunciation, allowed translation, English dictionary definition of allowed. permitted; given as one's share: The host is allowed ten percent of the entrance fee.


Is Discount Allowed An Expense

What is the Journal Entry for Discount Allowed CODES Get Deal While posting a journal entry for discount allowed "Discount Allowed Account" is debited. Discount allowed acts as an additional expense for the business and it is shown on the debit side of a profit and loss account.


Discount Allowed Definition -

Discount Allowed Definition: A deduction from the amount due given to customers who pay their accounts within the time allowed. A D V E R T I S E M E N T Home ...

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